Providing the best, most cost effective retirement plan solution for your organization is our goal.  Our Independent Partner Evaluation means you receive an unbiased comparison of your current plan to other plans available in the market.

As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, we help to ensure that your company has all of the tools to follow “best practices” and stay compliant with the Department of Labor.

We are independent from the investment managers and retirement plan providers.  We provide unbiased guidance so your plan can reach peak efficiency.  Our approach is geared to help your plan reflect your company culture and priorities.

How We Partner with You:

  1. We seek to fully understand your business and company culture.
  2. We help you improve the efficiencies and benefits of your retirement plan.
  3. We design and schedule an annual strategy for investment committee meetings.
  4. We maximize your fiduciary protection as an employer.
  5. We monitor and regularly review your plan to keep up with your changing needs.

Our strategic partnership with clients leads to better retirement outcomes for employees. Productive employees often translate to a team-oriented success model. When employees are happy with benefits and productive, they tend to build more loyalty toward the company that employs them.

Our consulting services include: