Retirement Strategies

TRIANGLEBefore creating the correct retirement strategy, employees need to understand what a successful retirement for them will look like. Retirement success can be different depending on many factors. We provide the framework of understanding that guides employees toward the retirement lifestyle they desire.

We assist employees with:

  • Sound planning foundation (beneficiaries, estate planning, college planning, post-retirement housing)
  • Designing savings and retirement strategies
  • Income in retirement
  • Matching investment portfolios with retirement goals

We answer their retirement questions:

  • Does my 401(k) from my previous employer rollover?
  • Should I use Roth IRAs and Roth 401(k)s?
  • Do guaranteed income solutions work for me?
  • How do I maximize employer benefits?
  • When do withdrawals and distributions make sense?


Do you have a Retirement Roadmap?