Financial Counseling

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Why is Financial Counseling for your employees important?

Keeping your employees on track for retirement builds loyalty and continuity with employee retention. It reduces the waste of time and money associated with employee turnover.  We ensure your employees stay on track so your company avoids becominging saturated with older employees unable or afraid to retire on time.

How do we deliver?

Group Meetings and Workshops

We provide very targeted workshops for your employees, addressing their different needs.  Customized meetings lead to better employee conversations. For example, employees 50+ have different concerns than employees under age 30. By segmenting these groups separately, the targeted conversations yield better outcomes for both groups of employees.

Private Consultations to Develop Individual Retirement Strategies

After our Group Workshops, we encourage employees to set up private meetings, so we can help create a Retirement Strategy for their individual needs. Each employee leaves with an individual roadmap that outlines their steps to retirement.

What do the employers get?

You will receive documentation on who attended the group meetings and who has received private consultations, helping to ensure that you meet your obligation to educate employees on your retirement plan.  We will also provide you with the Summary Documentation you need for your Investment Committee meetings.
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