Fiduciary Guidance

We have a dedicated team that designs a fiduciary framework for you. You receive guidance through your fiduciary responsibilities, maximizing your protections through a defined process for your investment committee.

A documented framework for investment selection within your retirement plan is considered to be a fiduciary best practice. Creating the right game plan with the appropriate process for your committee leads to sound decision making on behalf of the employees in the plan:

  • Establishing an Investment Committee
  • Creation of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Investment Selection and Monitoring
  • Documentation of committee meetings and committee actions
  • Fiduciary training for committee members with Regulatory Updates on a consistent basis

The fiduciary is responsible for monitoring investment performance and fee structures. Fiduciaries exist to ensure the investment options always meet the standards set forth in the IPS. Yet fiduciaries have a duty that extends beyond the selection of investments.

There is an obligation to make sure the retirement plan is working and that employee outcomes are being met with the benefit provided. If you take your fiduciary responsibility seriously and you want the retirement plan benefit to actually work for your employees by getting them to retirement with enough income to actually retire properly, then you are the type of client we are seeking.

We provide a reporting package to facilitate 4 key fiduciary objectives:

  1. Ensuring fiduciaries act solely for the benefit of plan participants.
  2. Organizing a consistent and prudent process to oversee the plan investments and administration.
  3. Keeping formal documentation of committee meetings and decisions.
  4. Monitoring the plan on a consistent basis, since regulations and investments are constantly evolving.


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