Business Owners

Portrait of a confident businesswoman sitting at conference table

Our experience and dedication allow us to understand the unique challenges that business owners face, and provide innovative solutions to meet their specific needs.


This business owner thought it was too expensive to offer a 401(k) plan with a match program for his employees.  Also, the company did not want to pull human resource staff away from their other responsibilities to work on a 401(k) plan.
As a result, employees were unable to maximize savings via a 401(k) plan and it was difficult to hire the top talent needed because the benefit program was not very enticing without a solid 401(k) program being offered.


We were able to show this company how to effectively design a 401(k) plan that was within a reasonable budget.
Their employees now have the chance to contribute into a 401(k) with brand name investment managers across a full spectrum of asset categories. Results have been excellent because the plan was designed efficiently and the right vendor was put in place to administer the plan.

Our Value Proposition

Business owners are often scared of the cost and hassle associated with running a 401(k) plan.  They know it will attract better employees and build more loyalty from their existing employee base. Yet they are nervous about taking the plunge and seeing it backfire. We can help them along a reasonable path and assist them with the execution based on the agreed strategy. Our expertise and partnerships allow us to find benefit plans within any budget.